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At Knowledge Fair, hard work and creativity is on display

Hello from North Haven! At our tiny K-12 public school – the smallest in the state – we dig deep each late winter and produce something called Knowledge Fair. This means students moving away from traditional classroom learning to focus on hands-on experiences and presenting their findings to the community, using original visual displays to enhance the […]

At town meeting, solving conflicts big and small

Hello from North Haven! Saturday was our annual town meeting. That’s meant different things over the twelve years I’ve been on island. Sometimes it’s an all-day affair, with coffee and muffins giving way to chili as noon approaches at a fundraiser table. Lately the emphasis has been on efficiency and brevity, rather than all-out debate. […]

Five space-saving tips for parenting in a small house

Hello from North Haven! My husband and I spent our first two years on the island living in ten month rentals and moving from one temporary situation to another in the summer. When the opportunity arose to purchase a house through North Haven Sustainable Housing, we jumped at the chance. Our 1200 square foot house […]

A Mitzvah for a Ladybug

Hello from North Haven! My daughter Penrose and I were outside enjoying the unseasonally warm weekend, climbing around on the sticky piles of snow heaped around the house from shoveling and plowing, when a spot of red caught her eye. “Look Mom,” she called from across the front yard. “I found a ladybug!” She was […]

Snow Blindness

Hello from North Haven! Since Thursday morning, we’ve enjoyed three major snowstorms, including Saturday’s unexpected 8 inch bounty. After such a snowless December and January, I’ve been feeling a little anxious about maximizing snow fun, with mixed results. Thursday’s storm inspired Penrose to at first put on her green and blue long armed, long sleeved bathing suit […]