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Welcome to the Frozen Chosen, a blog from North Haven island. I've lived here for almost twelve years, even though I swore I'd never move back to Maine. I teach music, theater, and English at our tiny K-12 school, volunteer as an EMT, lead a Pilates class, direct plays, and formerly ran a tiny bakery and breakfast restaurant. It wasn't easy growing up as one of the only Jewish kids in Central Maine, and I'm navigating some of the same challenges raising my daughter out here on the island. The Frozen Chosen will look at some of those challenges, as well as the joys of island living, from gardening to stacking wood and swimming in the ocean. In addition to this blog, I'm a contributing writer to, a Jewish parenting site, a blogger and book reviewer for, and the author of Salt Water Cure, a column in Working Waterfront. I report news from North Haven for Working Waterfront and Island Journal, and was a speaker at the Maine Conference for Jewish Life in 2015.

Snow Blindness

Hello from North Haven! Since Thursday morning, we’ve enjoyed three major snowstorms, including Saturday’s unexpected 8 inch bounty. After such a snowless December and January, I’ve been feeling a little anxious about maximizing snow fun, with mixed results. Thursday’s storm inspired Penrose to at first put on her green and blue long armed, long sleeved bathing suit […]

Snow Day Survival

Hello from North Haven! Unless the relative warmth of the ocean intervenes, we might be looking at quite a bit of snow soon. While other parents might dread a snow day, I, as a teacher, look forward to them with glee. Even now that I have an almost-three-year-old to entertain, an unexpected day at home is something to […]